• Guideline for Presentation
    The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) would like to extend our thanks for all your time and efforts dedicated to your participation at the 2015 ICAO LEGAL SEMINAR in Asia-Pacific Region.
    We highly recommend that you follow the instructions noted below carefully.
    ▶ Presentation
    · Presentation Time: 20~30 minutes including Q&A.
    · All presenters are asked to observe their presentation time strictly as assigned.
    · Presenters are requested to be in the Grand Ballroom at least 20mins before the start of the session.
    ▶ Presentation Format
    · The session room will be equipped with a master computer, which shall be used for all presentations.
    · Please make sure to bring your video clip along with your PowerPoint presentation, and it should be created as AVI or WMV.
    · We do not recommend using your own laptop computer for presentation to avoid problems with computer-projector compatibility and to save time that would otherwise be needed for changing connection. If you are going to use your laptop or Macintosh, please let the secretariat know via email 7days before the seminar.
    · Presentation must be compatible with Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
      Advised Not advised
    PowerPoint Software Version 2003, 2007, and 2010 Keynote
    Font PC Fonts (Arial, Times New Roman; Wingdings for special characters and other sign)  
    Pictures .jpg, .gif, .tif, or .bmp .pict
    Video files* .wmv, .avi .mpeg, .mov, and DIVX 6
    * Do not forget to bring your video files with your final presentation onto PC formatted file support! And presenters who will use video file are required to inform the secretariat office via email before the seminar.
    ▶ Language
    Official language is English. All documents are requested to be written in English.
    The simultaneous translation service will not be provided.
    ▶ Submitting the Presentation Materials & Curriculum Vitae
    All presenters must send their presentation materials with Microsoft Office PowerPoint and curriculum vitae to secretariat at 2015icao@meci.kr by May 7 2015.
    The requested documents will be inserted in the program book.